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LA Times


“Sophie (Octavia Chavez-Richmond) is the sullen, difficult one, her anger and defensiveness spilling out in scene after scene.”


“Chavez-Richmond, a real find, registers with quietly piercing intensity”




“(Denis) O’Hare’s seen-it-all attorney and Chavez-Richmond’s self-defensively distrustful Sophie finally bridge the gap between them by revealing their true colors — and, in the process,  the actors playing those characters bring out the very best in each other.”


“Chavez-Richmond, who hits the perfect balance of swaggering sass, self-destructive rage and armor-plated  vulnerability.”

NY Times

Hollywood Reporter

The Providence Journal


“Laurencia, brought to life with intensity by Octavia Chavez-Richmond.”

The Sun Chronicle


“Octavia Chavez-Richmond bites fiercely into the role of Laurencia and is at the center of the show’s most powerful moments — as well as some of the sweetest”


Broadway World

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